About Love Psychic Monica

My name is Monica and I realized I had the gift of psychic ability almost 52 years ago.  My mother says that the gift comes from my Native American heritage and that a lot of the women in my family have been blessed with the gift of second sight. 

Over the years I have been able to sharpen and tune in with my psychic power.  I feel very lucky and fortunate to be able to help people find their way through life.  Life is hard sometimes and I have dedicated myself to being there and offering guidance and assistance. 

I am able to tap into my clients situation and speak to their spirit guides directly, therefore my psychic abilities have no limitations, meaning, there is no problem I cannot help you overcome, and there is no realm that I cannot enter.

Over the past 30+ years I have specialized in helping lovers reunite, and helping others find love using my proven love spells.